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Shutter Hardware & Accessories

Following is a list of some of our more popular shutter accessories.

 Copper Caps

 How Our Caps Fit: 1-inch example

Copper Caps

We offer a line of heavy-duty, hand-crafted copper caps to add a touch of class to your shutters and to help shed the rain to extend the life of your shutters and to keep the finish looking better for longer. Just add a dollop of caulk to each end of the top of the shutter and press them in place [3M brand adhesive mounting squares also work well]. Type your shutter dimensions in the box below and we'll make them to fit — typically in 3 to 5 business days (allow 1 to 2 days more for clearcoat). Note: caps come standard with a 1/16-inch flare on the front and back to reduce the chance of scratching your paint on installation and to prevent moisture from wicking up under the reveal. [See our Frequently Asked Questions for more information about choosing the correct size caps.]

width: inches fractions

thickness: inches

1/4-inch reveal (as shown)
3/4-inch reveal

Add Protective Clearcoat ($6 per pair)  

Price: $/pair

Quantity: pair   

 1 set of Z-bar Mounting Brackets

z clips

How many do I need?

Shutter Width:
Shutter Height:
Number of Shutters:

We recommend sets* of brackets inches long for wood shutters and sets* of brackets inches long for PVC or other composite shutters

Mounting Brackets

For non-operable shutters, we offer a simple hidden z-bar type mounting bracket that is easy to install and designed to hold the shutters away from the wall to prevent water buildup that might damage your siding or paint. The brackets are made of aluminum, so they won't rust. [See our Installation Instructions for information on how to use the z-bar brackets and other mounting options.] Recommend two sets* for each shutter (four sets per pair of shutters); three sets* per shutter for PVC or other composite shutters. Choose a length that is approximately one inch shorter than the width of your shutters. [Allow 3 to 5 business days.]

Option 1: Order Brackets Cut to Length

(price includes stainless screws and washers for mounting to shutters).

Length: inches

Price: $/set*

Quantity: set(s)*   

Option 2: Order Uncut Brackets and Save!!

Price: $/set* (72-inches long; undrilled; minimum order 3 sets*)

Quantity: 72-inch sets*   

* Note: 1 set of brackets consists of two pieces, one for mounting to the shutter and one for mounting to the wall

 Bahama Stays

Bahama Stay System

We offer an adjustable stay system for Bahama shutters (i.e., shutters that are mounted with a hinge at the top) that is easy to install (see instructions here) and allows the full range of mounting angles — from fully closed to horizontal, for most applications. Designed for face-mounted shutters (i.e., shutters that rest against the face of the window trim when closed — not into the window opening). All components are either aluminum, stainless steel, or plastic, so they won't rust. Price includes two sets of stays for each shutter — one set includes an adjustable sliding track that mounts to your shutter, an aluminum stay, a black thermoplastic knob to secure the stay in place, a black nylon hinge to secure the stay to the structure, and all of the necessary stainless steel nuts, bolts & washers. Installation usually takes about 10 minutes per shutter. Type your shutter height in the box below and we'll make them to fit — typically in 3 to 5 business days.

Shutter Height: inches

Price: $/set*

Quantity: pair   

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